MVA Stand-by with Fuel Leak
By Collegeville Fire Company Volunteers
November 13, 2023

10:37 hours Engine 34 and Ladder 68-2 were dispatched for a motor vehicle accident, with a vehicle leaking fuel. PD on location reported the vehicle rolled down a driveway and had leaked about 15 gallons of gas. Squad 34 responded with a crew of 3, upon arrival started fuel containment, and set up for fire control should anything ignite. Firefighter stood-by with an ABC extinguisher, while chauffeur prepared Engine for pump and hand line operations. Tow company arrived and removed the vehicle from a front yard. In lifting the vehicle, this stopped the fuel leak. Engine 68-2 stood by at a hydrant at the intersection of 8th & Chestnut Streets.

After scene was secured, all u its went available.

Units: SD34
Mutual Aid: E68-2