Haz-Mat Incident - Lower Providence Twp.
By CFC Watch desk
March 3, 2023

At 10:28 hours Station 34 Fire Police were dispatched to assist Station 53 with a Hazardous Materials incident on Evansburg Road. Then at 10:41 hours the Station was dispatched with Engine 34 to assist at the Hazardous Materials incident. A 11100 to 1200 gallon proane truck flipped onto is side.
Engine 34, Engine 66 stood by in the Staging area on Crosskeys Road until called in to standby at hydrants a block or so out from the incident. Fire Police from Station 53; 77; 66; 34; 86; 83 had the task of shutting down Germantown Pike from Crosskeys Road to Grange Avenue. Evansburg Road was closed from Ridge Pike and at Greene Meadow Drive then to Germantown PIke. North Evansburg Road was closed at Township Line Road and at Vincent Road.
Engine 66 was relocated to the Entrance to Evansburg Village Shopping Center. While Engine 34 was relocated to Evanburg Road and Vincient Drive to stand-by at hydrants. The truck was successfully up-righted with no injuries or hazardous material release.
All units cleared at 14:50 hours.

Units: FP34-1; FP34-2; FP34-8; E34; D34; BAT34
Mutual Aid: BC53; CH53; E53; SD53; TR53 CH81; DC68-2; E68-2 DC81; FP86-1; FP66-1TR68-2; TR83; U86-1; FP83-1; FP68-21 FP68-22; PD66; EMS 322 Several Tow Companies