Dwelling Fire Trappe Borough
By CFC Watch desk
January 23, 2023

At 18:00 hours Station 34 responded with a crew of 6, along with Station 77 and other mutual aid companies responded to a report of smoke coming from the roof on Harvard Drive, in Trappe Borough. Deputy 77 arrived on location and reported smoke from the roof and established Command. Crews from Engine 68, Ladder 77 and Engine 66 made initial entry and conducted a search and rescue and were assisted Engine 34's crew. Engine 34's crew then assisted with entry into the attached residents to check for fire extension. Crews found a large dog in his crate a safely removed him to the outside. Crew remained on scene for approximately 2 hours. The fire is being investigated by UPT Fire Marshal's Office.
Pictures courtesy of Pat Webster (Trappe FC>) and Jeffrey L. Wentworth (Collegeville FC.)

Units: Car 34; E34
Mutual Aid: L77; E77;77 FP; E68; E66; Air66; SD86