Be the Neighbor Who Saves a Neighbor
By CFC Watch desk
November 15, 2022


The Collegeville Fire Company #1 is a 100% volunteer organization that always welcomes and encourages new members. Many people don't realize that their community is under constant watch by men and women who have no legal or financial responsibility to do so. Contributing to your local fire company is one of the most rewarding and gratifying commitments you can make.

Collegeville's volunteer firefighters include the young, as well as experienced veterans. They are accountants, lawyers, computer technicians, mechanics, landscapers and stay-at-home parents to name a few. Some are also full-time police officers, career firefighters in other cities, dispatchers, paramedics and emergency medical personnel but most importantly, they are your neighbors. In some cases, the Collegeville Fire Company is a family tradition that includes grandfathers, fathers, brothers, daughters, mothers and even husband and wife teams.

Men and women age 18 and older who are in good physical condition and have a desire to participate in fire/rescue activities are eligible for full membership (those ages 16 & 17 qualify for our Cadet program, and then to become full members upon turning 18 if so desired). Please consider joining by filling out an application and mailing it to us or stop by in person and say hello at one of our Monday evening training sessions held at our Station.

Those who do not wish to participate directly in fire or rescue responsibilities, or cannot meet the physical requirements, will find that there are numerous other ways to be a valuable part of our team. Consider volunteering in one or more of the roles in which we need assistance including building maintenance, vehicle/equipment maintenance, community relations, computer support, bookkeeping, fund-raising, etc.