Santa Clause is Coming to Town
By CFC Watch desk
November 9, 2022

It’s official! The Man, the Myth, the embodiment of Christmas Spirit is coming to Collegeville Borough on Saturday, December 17th!!! That’s right, Santa Claus will be in town to do some Christmas pre planning with the members of the Collegeville Fire Company.
While in town, Santa will also be delivering presents. The only caveat is that you need to be a resident of Collegeville Borough. If you are a resident and wish to participate, drop off a wrapped present at Borough Hall with your child’s name and your address. We will start at 8am. We are down to two trucks this year, so Santa will be a little slower than previous years. After all the presents are delivered, Santa will take a break and then mount up again and stop in areas of our coverage area outside the Borough to see the kids.
Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out prior to the event. We will try and answer during, but no promises they will be in a timely manner.