Non-Commercial Building Response
By CFC Watch Desk
June 16, 2022

07:11 hours Station 34 along with Station 68, 77, 66, 53 were dispatched to a reported dwelling fire in the 1700 block of Morgan Lane, in the Collegeville Section of Upper Providence Twp. Engine 34 responded with a crew of 4. E68 and Chief 68 responded and arrived on location and reported a working shed fire to the rear of the residence. E34 laid out a supply line of about 300 ft. from a hydrant at Morgan Lane and Trotter Way, to supply E68.While on scene MCEDS advised Command of a 2nd incident in the township. Command released E68-1, 3E65, Tower 53 to respond to that incident along with Station 98. Fire on Morgan Lane was extinguished, crews picked up and went available. FM68 and FM76 remained on location for the investigation.

Units: E34; Car34; FP34-1; FP34-8
Mutual Aid: E68; L77; E66; E68-1; 3E65; AIR66; TW53; CH53 FM68; FM76