Station 34 Assists Lower Providence on Working Fire Dispatch for a Building Fire
By CFC Watch desk
June 10, 2021

At approximately 12:13 Hours, Engine 34 was dispatched on a working fire dispatch to assist the Lower Providence Fire Company on a working fire dispatch.
Crews were on scene for about 5 hours working to extinguish the fire.
Due to the difficult conditions all the first responders faced at this incident. Collegeville Fire Company would like to take the time to thank all that worked the incident with such comradery. With big incidents like this it’s pulls companies/agencies from all over the county sometimes from different counties. Everyone did an outstanding job of remaining focused, maintaining accountability and safety, and exhibiting teamwork to get the job done!
Thank you to Good Will Steam Fire Engine Company #1 of Pottstown with Squad 69 and Boyertown Area Fire and Rescue with Ladder 95 for covering the area from our station while companies operated in Lower Providence.
We are thankful to the men and women of the various police agencies who helped not only protect the residents, but us as well during this incident. We are glad that all first responders went home safe and sound to their families.

Units: E34; U34; FP34-1; FP34-8
Mutual Aid: Station 53, Station 46; Station 99; SD61; E27; E93; TW99; E77; EMS308-28; 322-11; 322-4; 336-1;AIR46; CANTEEN 41; E21; E61; L43; U34; TW80; FIRE POLICE 53; 34; 46; 51;77; 83; 89; 99