Collegeville Fire Company Joint Training
By CFC Watch desk
May 24, 2021

Mondays are for training. On Monday our volunteers joined with several area fire companies to go over Tanker operations including best practices at fill sites and dump sites. Participating companies included UPT Fire & Emergency Services, Black Rock Vol Fire Co., Collegeville Fire Company, Skippack Fire Company, Trappe Fire Company No. 1 and Limerick Fire Department.

There are still a few areas that do not have public water or fire hydrants available. In these areas we must rely on Tankers to bring the water supply. Areas that do not have hydrants are designated as “Tanker Zones” and tankers are automatically added to all dispatches for reported fires in these zones. This saves us all valuable time In establishing a water supply in the event of an actual fire. These joint trainings help us to get to know each other’s resources as well as build relationships with our fellow firefighters from area companies.