Collegeville Assists Pottstown Fire Department
By CFC Watch desk
March 19, 2021

Rescue 34 with a crew of 3, is currently providing RIT operations with Norco Fire Company in the West Division of the on going incident in Pottstown Borough. Pottstown Fire Department, has been out with an underground electrical fire in the area of High and Hanover Streets since the early morning hours. Numerous buildings have been evacuated as high levels of CO were found in them High Street is Closed from Borough Hall to S. Charlotte Street. 34 Fire Police assisted with vehicle and pedestrian control at High and S Charlotte Streets. Please avoid the area of Downtown High Street as this is a large incident.
Photos courtesy of DC 34 Matt Musselman and Fire Police Captain Jeffrey L. Wentworth

Units: R34; FP34-1
Mutual Aid: 7E-49; 7SD95; 3E64-5; 3TW64; AC41; SS41-5; SS41-6; SD100; AC100; L37; TR51-1; T57; CH57; FP58-4; TR58; TW59; FP59-1; FP65-2; TR65-1; TR67; FP67-1; BC69-3; QT69; AIR69; DC7; L7; FP79-1; FP79-2; E88-1; FP99-2; TR99