CO Detector with Symptoms
By CFC Watch desk
January 6, 2021

10:10 hours, Battalion 34 was notified by his neighbor that that her both of her CO detectors were going off and she was feeling a little light headed. Battalion 34 asked for the assignment to be dispatched. Engine 34 (AC34) made the response with three personnel. Engine 93 was added to the call for extra manpower. AC34 and the crew from E93 checked the residence and had readings of 16 PPM on both floors of the residence. The garage was opened from the interior door and the garage had readings of 30 PPM. The residence has electric water heater and heater for the house. Crews removed some of the solvents and house hold cleaners from the garage and ventilated the residence. House was rechecked and readings were within normal limits. The house was turned back over to the homeowner and the companies were made available.

Units: E34; AC34; BC34
Mutual Aid: L77; E93 EMS 324