Important Hall Rental Information
By Member Brian Freas
January 27, 2018

With preparations under way for a Springtime demolition of our Station, we have temporarily stopped accepting applications for Hall Rentals. This is to allow us to clean out the station which will likely have things in disarray leading up to #demoday. We do apologize for any inconvenience however below you will find contact information for our neighboring stations that also offer hall rentals. We encourage you to visit them for your rental needs and support other local Volunteer Fire Organizations.

The good news is, we have designed our new home with the Community very much in mind both inside and out. We will resume hall rentals in our new space sometime in early 2019. The new hall will be slightly larger than our current space and will still have access to a kitchen and refrigerator. We encourage you to keep an eye here on our website or our social media platforms (facebook/twitter/instagram) for the latest details and progress of our new station. As always you can also contact us directly by visiting the 'contact us' section of our website.

Trappe Fire Company - 610-489-2700

Perkiomen Fire Company - 610-489-7707

Lower Providence Fire Company -

Black Rock Fire Company -

Royersford Fire Department - Contact Margaret Kline @ 610-948-6234 ext 10 or